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Life and Legacy

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Henry David Thoreau

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Major Essays

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One final chapter is more passionate and insurmountable than its predecessors. To have done anything by which you gave money merely is to have been awhile idle or worse. Henry David Thoreau () was born and lived nearly all his life in Concord, Massachusetts, a small town about twenty miles west of Boston.

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He received his education at the public school in Concord and at the private Concord Academy. The Oxford Book of American Essays You can also look up this author on The Online Books Page, which may list additional titles from other sites.

This catalog page is provided by The Online Books Page, and the literature by Project Gutenberg. Walden (/ ˈ w ɔː l d ən /; first published as Walden; or, Life in the Woods) is a book by transcendentalist Henry David text is a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings.

The work is part personal declaration of independence, social experiment, voyage of spiritual discovery, satire, and—to some degree—a manual for self-reliance. Unlike Thoreau's first book, Walden enjoyed moderate success from the first, and it continued to sell reasonably well after Thoreau's death in But in the s and s, critics attacked Thoreau's character and style of life, accusing him of crankiness and irresponsibility.

Walden, in fullWalden; or, Life in the Woods, series of 18 essays by Henry David Thoreau, published in An important contribution to New England Transcendentalism, the book was a record of Thoreau’s experiment in simple living on the northern shore of Walden Pond in eastern Massachusetts (–47).

Henry David Thoreau

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