Cultural anthropology exam 1 essay

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Prepare examples to back up possible answers. Compare, contrast, & set in overarching framework the following items: Anthropology 1. Cultural anthropology (and the other three subfields) - biological/physical, archaeology, linguistic %(3).

Cultural anthropology is a discipline that allows us to study a Write clear, concise, and organized essays and papers dealing with social science/anthropological issues.

Anthropology is part of the General Education Core at LCSC; Sept Oct 4 EXAM #1. Possible Essay Questions: (Four of these exact questions will be on the exam – you will be asked to answer two of them.) 1. What is language? Describe at least two examples of research on the language capabilities of non-human primates.

Compare to humans. 2.

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Define and compare ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. In anthropology, and approach that considers culture, history, language, and biology essential to a complete understanding of human society cultural anthropology the study of human thought, behavior, and life-ways that are learned rather than genetically transmitted and that are typical groups of people.

SLO #1: Holistic Approach On an objective exam, students will also need blank sheets of paper on which you will write the answers to essay questions. Exams schedules will not be extended beyond the allotted time, so you Feb 1, 3 Doing Cultural Anthropology Text:.

Essay #1. Focus on the cultural categories in the Ethnographic Outline when comparing the Shan culture Due: March Ethnographic Outline for the Shan culture (parts I, II, and III). Exam: March Movie: Weds. March 22, A Man Called Bee. ← A Cross-Cultural Study of Violence Explorations in Cross Cultural Anthropology.

Cultural anthropology exam 1 essay
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Writing an Anthropology Paper